Bespoke Hand blown Goblets

A bridal party celebrating in style with MGW toasting goblets

Venetian Heritage

MGW owner Nathan Sambar has a great fondness for classic venetian glassblowing techniques which he uses often to make large chandeliers and collectible goblet stemware. The stemware is all designed specific for the person or business ordering them and made by the artists of Monterey GlassWorks. We love a challenge, if you've an idea or a theme that you'd like custom stemware for, let us know and we'd be happy to help.

Custom designed for any occasion

Our most often requested goblets are used for wedding parties and other celebratory events where a memorable celebration toast needs a keepsake. You will find links to those here below. Or contact us directly if you would like something custom.

Favorite Styles

Custom Stemware Goblet


Bride & GroomToasting Goblets (pair)