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Help support artist residency funding as a Patron-sponsor. Enjoy many exclusive benefits for Artist sponsors including direct discounts on collectible artworks, early access to off the pipe auctions, and free tickets to our end of year party.

$ 250.00 USD

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Artist Sponsorship

This class is not open for registration yet. It requires a minimum of 4 to sign up prior to opening. If you would like to register to be notified when the workshop will be available, add your name to the waitlist. There is no obligation or deposit required to be on the waitlist.

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Funded artist residencies allow visiting artists to use all of MGW's equipment, space, energy, tools, materials and staff to make important works for their career. That's an expensive proposition, costing MGW at least $15,000 for each individual artist. But the benefit of this is time and access is many times the value of that cost.

Would you like to help support funding artist residencies directly as a Patron-sponsor? If so, we welcome the help and can offer many benefits to sponsors in the form of direct discounts on collectible artworks, and free/early access to exclusive events.

Sponsors receive four benefits:
1. Furnace Gallery matching discount - Amount of sponsorship will be applied in a dollar for dollar discount to artworks made by art residents and sold through the gallery. In that regard, sponsors may consider they are agreeing to pre-purchase and collect some of these artists' works.

2. Free tickets to the end-of-year Auction Party.

  • Gaffer level - 2 tickets
  • Collector level - 4 tickets
  • Maestro level - 12 tickets

3. A '23 edition collectible 'Furnace Owner' glass brick produced only for MGW Patron-Sponsors.

4. Early Access to 'off the pipe' sales during artist demos


  1. Furnace Gallery Artwork discount expires one year from original purchase.
  2. Patron-Sponsors will be offered early access to Off-The-Pipe sales during visiting artist demo days when available. But the pricing and decision to offer 'off the pipe' sales is the choice of individual artists and not guaranteed.