Digicast Glass

From digital concept to glass art

A six week multi-studio workshop to introduce artists to the 3d creation process in a modern glass studio. Learn to use digital tools to concept art, 3d fab tools to create molds and forms, and glass kilns & furnace glass to produce the finished work.

$ 630.00 USD

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Digicast Glass

This class is not open for registration yet. It requires a minimum of 4 to sign up prior to opening. If you would like to register to be notified when the workshop will be available, add your name to the waitlist. There is no obligation or deposit required to be on the waitlist.

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About the Event

The Workshop

This workshop will introduce the participant to using modern digital tools to create conceptual art, then fabricate the tooling required to translate it to glass sculpture using both the kiln and the furnace.

Over a 6 week period, each student will complete two art projects to learn and explore 6 new skills:

  1. Use of low cost mobile, ipad or PC apps to create, and format images and models (procreate, affinity, Nomad sculpt, Scandy, etc)
  2. Produce 3d print and CNC outputs for fabrication on 3d printers and CNC machines
  3. Preparing casting molds from fab work
  4. Cast 3d panels in a kiln
  5. Cast 3d panels using furnace glass
  6. Finishing and assembling/combining with other digitally fabricated elements.

Schedule and Class Size

This class will meet on Saturday mornings from 9a-12n over six weeks plus one additional 2 hour lab slot during each of the last four weeks. Lab slots will be available on Thursday & Friday 4-8p and Sat. 12-2p.

Access to the studio will be available to students throughout the six weeks to use and retrieve the CNC, 3d printer prints and cold working studio.

Students who complete this course will be eligible to rent Warm & Cold  studio access in the during any open studio time, and with pre-arrangement, schedule hot casting time.

Minimum class size is 4 persons with a maximum of 8. The class will be calendared once we have 4 persons wait listed.

More Details

What's included

  1. Use of 3d printer and CNC
  2. Consumables for fabrication and casting (resins, foamboard, plaster/silica, Alginate, Sand)
  3. Limited use of cold shop during the coarse (flat grinder and tile saw)
  4. Warm shop time, Hot shop time during casting

What is not included

  1. Student must bring a digital device to create works on. We recommend an ipad, but a laptop or a modern mobile phone can work as well.
  2. Apps - We will provide students a list of apps we recommend for the class. List will have both free and priced options with recommendations. We will help each student determine appropriate apps given their hardware limitations, but students are required to download prior to first class.


None. This class is suitable for beginners through advanced students.

This is intended to be an introductory workshop and so we can work with all levels. That said, those who have already completed the mold making or sand casting workshops will be allowed to schedule some additional open studio time to make more sophisticated molds/forms during the session if they wish.