Mosaic Colab - Group Workshop

Let's make something beautiful together!

A 6 week collaborative project where a group of students can collaboratively produce a single large (20x36") artwork.

$ 960.00 USD

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Mosaic Colab - Group Workshop

This class is not open for registration yet. It requires a minimum of 4 to sign up prior to opening. If you would like to register to be notified when the workshop will be available, add your name to the waitlist. There is no obligation or deposit required to be on the waitlist.

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About the Event

The Class

Students will be introduced to all of the skills of cutting, frit painting, dry enameling and multi-layer fusing to create a singular complex piece. Students will use multiple kiln programs and learn how to plan and troubleshoot complex pieces.

Class will be conducted in 3 hour blocks over six calendar weeks. These times can be set up to run in evenings on weekdays, or mornings/afternoons on weekends.


A group can be up to 6 person's in size. And multiple groups can be scheduled at that same time with a maximum headcount of 12 persons. Pricing is per group (finished work).

If you need more than 12 persons to take the class at a time, then we are glad to create multiple schedules.

More Details

Scheduling & pricing

Pricing is by group (eg one fee per finished work). Pricing does include tools, tables, space and kiln time. It does not include supplies as these are variable depending on the complexity of the work that the group would like to create. We will work with the group organizer to plan the design, colors and schedule in advance. Once agreed, we can provide will help order required glass materials.