Private Lessons - Kiln Forming

Learn advanced Kiln forming techniques

This class is for kiln artists that already understand the basics of warm glasswork, enjoy using our open studio time or their own home kiln but would like to learn a new technique or to try something more advanced on larger kilns/equipment. Students taking private lessons will work during open studio times, but with the support of a MGW glass art instructor.

$ 120.00 USD

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Private Lessons - Kiln Forming

This class is not open for registration yet. It requires a minimum of 4 to sign up prior to opening. If you would like to register to be notified when the workshop will be available, add your name to the waitlist. There is no obligation or deposit required to be on the waitlist.

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What you can learn

Private lessons are simply a block of 3 hours during open studio time where we help students learn new techniques or create a more complex art work. You may use it how you wish, though we ask you coordinate ahead of time so we can arrange proper workspace, tool and kiln set up. Common asks include:

  1. Pate de verre
  2. Mold making
  3. Jewelry making
  4. Image making on glass
  5. Digital fabrication
  6. Casting (sand, open faced, lost wax)

Most of these lessons will require multiple sessions, or at least a single session or two followed by some regular open studio working slots. So, students should contact us ahead of time to work through what they wish to learn in advance.

Lessons will take place during Open Studio time (Saturdays 9a-12n)


  • 3 hours of open studio time
  • 3 hours of instruction/support alongside that studio time
  • Kiln and tool use during open studio time
  • up to 24 hours of kiln fusing/casting time for work completed during open studio
  • Cold shop rental during instruction time.

Not Included

  • Glass, enamels, molds, other consumables should be purchased prior or can be purchased from our supply if we have it available.


Student should have completed an introduction to kiln forming course here at MGW or elsewhere and be comfortable with the basics of warm glass working. If working with powders or chemicals, please remember to bring any personal safety equipment (eg respirator, prescription glasses). Otherwise shared shop versions will be made available.