Tidal Flats

Murrini Glassware

Carafe & matching rocks glasses.

$ 60.00 USD

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Tidal Flats

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These were made by our own Anthony Dennin. They are hand blown, handless carafes and matching cocktail glasses. Each is made by separately making colored murrini rod, then incorporating these into the hand blown finished pieces. Originally sold at twice this price, we are now clearing them out to make room for new lines.

Sets include: One carafe and two matching glasses. Stirrers and additional glassware can also be purchased individually.

Zanfirico Stirrers

Zanfirico is an Italian term describing filigree cane woven to form lace patterns. We've turned some of our zanfirico canes into cocktail stirrers to match the height of our Tidal Flats carafes.

Handwash only