Bride & GroomToasting Goblets (pair)

Hand blown toasting goblets

Hand blown venetian style toasting goblets for weddings. These 10" tall goblets are hand blown to order for wedding parties. They come in two varieties: the bridal couple matched pairs, and the wedding party toasting goblets. This particular item is a matched pair of zanfirico cane toasting goblets. We encourage and welcome the bridal party to come watch the goblets being made. Or we are happy to video the making of them for you.

$ 650.00 USD

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Bride & GroomToasting Goblets (pair)

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Looking for a special set of toasting goblets for the bride and groom? These delicate pieces are instant heirloom pieces to commemorate the special event. 

These Wedding Party toasters are hand made using traditional venetian techniques. They stand over 10" tall, and are made of multiple component with blown stems and twisted lace blown glass cups. There are two different designs:

Bride & Groom Toasters - A matched pair of two 10" tall goblets made with blown stems and straight or zanfirico twisted cane for the bride and groom themselves, the other for the remainder of the wedding party. Of course you are welcome to mix and match as you like. 

The Wedding Party toasters - Similarly collectible beautiful works in their own right, but with blown stems and feet and an applied sculpted design instead of the traditional lace. 

All goblets are handmade and matched but sizing will vary slightly between pieces. Lead time is 3 weeks.


*All goblets are delicate and should be hand washed only.



All prices are per matched pair. If you would like more than two for your wedding party, please order in multiples of two.