Glass sculptures reaching to the light

Tabletop sculpture

$ 180.00 USD

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Each Tropismo is handmade and unique in size and shape. All have common base dimensions for their size so that they can be mixed and matched to large collections of reaching, leaning, towering sculptures.


We make Tropismos in four approximate base sizes. All heights vary as we try to make each differ, but keep them approximately proportionate to their bases:

Small - 2.5" base, 8"-20" tall

Med - 4" base, 10" - 20" tall

Large - 5" base, 18"- 38" tall

HUGE - 9" base, 18" - 38" tall

And we sell them in color matched pairs:

Small set = 1 small + 1 medium

Large set = 1 large + 1 HUGE

Many collectors wish to order mixed color sets and sizes to build a larger display. Please do, discounts will be applied for order quantities above 6 pairs.

For orders over $1000, enter SET at checkout for 10% off.

Manufacturing & Shipping

All items are made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. If you need them earlier, please let us know and we will make effort to expedite. These pieces will be individually wrapped and shipped via fedex but are eligible to be picked up at the studio if you are local.