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Monterey GlassWorks is a for profit glass art and design studio. We perform two main activities here at MGW: glass art production and glass art services.

Glass Art Production

MGW designs and produces high quality glass art for home and commercial businesses. Our in house staff designers and artists work with owners, architects and designers to design the work using modern digital tools to design, render and build tooling for sophisticated one-off creative works. We then complete its production using a mix of traditional glass blowing and casting techniques in a modern sustainable studio.

Q. What types of glass art do you produce?

We produce two main types of glass art: installation works and tabletop works.

Installation works consist of suspended lighting and sculpture, wall hung lighting, panels or sculpture, and floor mounted lighting or sculpture.

Tabletop works include decorative works (sculptures, trophies, etc) as well as functional works (drinkware, bowls, vases).

Q. What design tools do you use?

Our designers use modern digital 3d tools (eg Rhino) and fabshop for fabricating tooling (CNCs, 3D printers). We also partner with metal casters and fabbers for more complex requirements like cast iron cast molds.

Q. Do you supply renders for Architects and Designers that would like to incorporate your components into their project files?


Q. What materials can you incorporate with glass?

We normally partner with external metal, stone and woodworkers for completed works.

Q. Do you supply electrical components for any required powered elements?


Q. Do you perform installation?

No, though we are happy to provide recommendation for local area installations. We provide all instructions for electrical and load requirements for contractors and installers.

Q. How do you ship?

Insured art crating and shipping services.

Q. Can I or my client come to observe and/or participate in any portion of the production?

Yes, please do!

Glass Art Services

MGW feels it is important to foster an appreciation for artist produced glass here on the central coast of California. We wish to inspire an appreciation for it among young students looking to explore a career in the arts, as well as support and foster a rich community of working artists and collectors in the local region. We do this with three primary services:

  1. Instruction - Until an adequate public studio exists on the Monterey Peninsula, we will provide introductory classes to the main disciplines of glass art making (hot glass, warm glass and cold glass techniques) for local students. We also provide advanced workshops lead by practicing glass artists for already practicing glass artists who travel to Monterey from around the globe.
  2. Events - We host private and corporate events for visitors wishing a unique experience where they can watch professional artists create glass artworks.
  3. Residencies - We shut down our studios a few times a year to provide access to emerging and practicing glass artists so they may build important gallery works to advance their careers. We open studios to the public for them to watch demonstrations by these artists during their time in residence.

Q. How often do you teach intro to glassblowing?

This is a six week course that we teach three times a year.

Q. Can I take your courses multiple times?

Yes. Our Intro to glassblowing class is suitable for both beginners and intermediate students looking to advance their skills beyond basic forms to include color and more complex shapes/techniques. Many students take it multiple times until they feel comfortable renting their own studio time to make their own works.

Q. Can I get private lessons/coaching?

Students who have reached a level of competence on basic glassblowing or Kiln work often ask for help learning a specific technique. For Kiln artists (warm glass), we would recommend you use open studio time to practice. If you contact us in advance we can help you find support and arrange for kiln programming/space to help demonstrate the new technique. For glassblowers (hot shop), reach out to let us know more about your need and we are happy to help.

Q, Can I rent studio time?

We have open studio rental for both warm and cold shop for any past students that wish to continue on growing and practicing their skills. For the hot shop, we do not support public rental time and instead suggest you try BAGI or Public Glass. We do support professional artists wishing to contract or collaborate on access and support for project works, If you are a professional artist, please see our Artist Services page for more info.

Q. Do you rent access to your studio for photo shoots and other non-instructional events?

Yes we do.

Q. How large of an event can your space hold?

A maximum of 30 persons. The rentable private space consists of the hotshop and warm shop demo areas, the front retail space which can be configured for serving, and the upstairs Furnace Gallery space for mingling/viewing or catering.

Q. Do you allow catering at private events?

We do. We can help you find a caterer if you are coming in from out of town, or can work with your own if you have a preference.

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