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Introducing the MGW Collector Ornament Box set - '23, the perfect addition to any Holiday glass ornament collection.


This set includes four luxury hand made glass ornaments, each crafted by our talented glass artists at Monterey GlassWorks. What makes this set unique is that it features a mixed sampling of four of our favorite ornaments from the year, making it a great way to start a collection of MGW ornaments.


This year's Collector boxes will include:

1. Dolphin

1. Jewel

2. Icicles 

1. Onde


Since each order includes a mix of highly refined hand made items including the pair inspired by highend lighting produced in our shop ( hand polished Onde & Jewel), we are limiting the number of collection boxes we sell and are cutting off ordering on the 12th of December.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to add these stunning and unique ornaments to your holiday decor. 

MGW Collector Ornament Box set - '23

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