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This glassware is made using a traditional Venetian technique called Murrini, where colored glass is melted, layered and pulled into long colored canes. This colored canes are then cut down and arranged to resemble anemones, then gathered and blown into classic modern style carafes and matching glassware. 



At 3.5" tall x 3" in diameter, these glasses hold 8 oz of your favorite beverage. We've put a solid nearly 1/2" base of clear, beautiful 'ice' at the bottom of these cups so they feel wonderfully heavy in your hand. 


Like our pitchers, they come in three colors, Neo-Violet, Smoke and Amber.



This collection was designed by Anthony Dennin*, lead glassblower at Monterey GlassWorks.


*All artists at MGW earn both a living wage and perpetual royalty for all designs created by them. Please join us in supporting working artists.

Tidal Flats - Old Fashioned Rocks glass


Save 15% when ordering drinkware in sets

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