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Our Custom Goblets are the perfect way to celebrate your special day. These goblets are handmade by glass artists trained to utilize classic Venetian glassblowing techniques, right here in Monterey, California.


Each goblet is created to spec with thoughtful intention - properly assembled with elegance and finesse based on your vision of inspiration for your special day. Work with the artists to design your goblets around the cups, the stem, and color or pattern.  Whether you are toasting to your newlywed bliss, gifting as a trophy, or simply celebrating a special day, our custom goblets are the perfect addition to your occasion.


Goblets are priced in two styles:

  1. Sculpted Goblets - contain hand sculpted stems like the classic Venetian dophins show or other classics (seahorses, dragons, etc). But challenge us, we love custom sculptures that have meaning for you.
  2. Blown Goblets - These are priced lower so they can be made in higher quanties for a larger party. They have a simple gathered or blown stem. 


Custom Toasting Goblets

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